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As Nardo in La finta giardiniera with On-Site Opera / Atlanta Opera / Caramoor Music Festival

“Alisa Jordheim was a pert, bookish Serpetta, aiming lithe soprano darts at the mellifluous baritone Jorell Williams, an endearingly goofball Nardo. The pair milked their size difference for teddy-bear cuteness, as well as laughs; Williams was especially hilarious experimenting with foreign tongues in an attempt to win Serpetta’s heart.”

Opera News

“Outstanding among them were two servants: the baritone Jorell Williams as Robert and the clear-voiced soprano Alisa Jordheim as Serpetta.”

The New York Times

“Baritone Jorell Williams was another massive vocal presence throughout the night, the singer’s diction and voice clear from every spot in the garden. He was a feisty Nardo, his pursuits of Serpetta not-so-subtle but quite enjoyable. His aria on conquering any woman with any language was one of the musical highlights of the evening, the singer showcasing different colors for each language. A brighter touch was employed for Italian and at one point, during some French, his timbre appropriated a lighter quality as he struck a hilarious pose. But upon failing to win his heart’s desire, his voice turned darker and harsher as he rebuked his failed attempts, some utterances of words turning into potent shouts.”


“Jorell Williams as her workmate is the star of this show, bringing a firm and shaped baritone and delicious details of his acting to bear on the role. He brandishes a red rake as though he were a matador and the puns are crude and very funny. Is he a rake?”

Berkshire Fine Arts

As Hannah-Before in As One with Seattle Opera

“The two singing actors – baritone Jorell Williams and mezzo-soprano Taylor Raven – are passionate, powerful performers who draw the audience into this difficult process, with its joys and its crushing setbacks.”

The Seattle Times

“Taylor Raven plays Hannah after and Jorell Williams plays Hannah before... Raven's vocal and acting abilities are impossible to overstate, and they work well in concert with Williams's talents. Her soprano is soul-piercing, and his tenor, the few times he employs it, is likely to jerk a tear.”

The Stranger

“No audience member is more than a few feet from the performers, both of whom get deep into the skin of their character. Williams’ extraordinarily expressive face shows every emotion, including when he is quoting the suspicious librarian who finds Hannah before reading, as he thinks, about the Transvaal. Feelings show on Raven’s face likewise, and in both performers' body language. These singers are new to Seattle Opera, but Williams already has a solid career under his belt, both in opera and as soloist with Wynton Marsalis.”

City Arts Online

As Captain Corcoran in HMS Pinafore with Caramoor Music Festival

“Jorell Williams... was a magnificent, rich-toned Captain Corcoran. His comic timing was perfect...”

The New York Times

“Baritone Jorell Williams was a fine, concise Captain.”

Opera News

“Jorell Williams was endearing as Captain Corcoran, with a burnished vocal tone and a deadpan comic style.”

The News Times

“Jorell Williams performed the Captain with a pleasing baritone and a touching faith in his role as role-model, and his social position, whether high or brought low.”

Parterre Box

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